I. General Gardening Information

Fairfax County Master Gardeners

Fairfax County Gardening and Plant Clinic Information –  At this site you will be able to find a listing of Plant Clinics around the county.  Master Gardeners are available to answer questions, help submit plant samples to diagnose diseases and pests.  This service is free through the Fairfax County Extension Office.  At the Plant Clinics and all Fairfax County Libraries, there are free Soil Test Kits available  – just ask the librarian.

Snakes of Virginia

Virginia Tech – Virginia Cooperative Extension: A treasure trove of information for home gardeners, all specific to Virginia.

Pesticide Use In The Garden

Fine Gardening Magazine

DIY Gardening Projects and Landscaping Ideas to Save Money

Pronunciation guide for plant names;

Lots of useful gardening information

Audubon Society of Northern Virginia: Click on the tab for Audubon at Home to find a fabulous compendium of native plant nurseries, green landscaping products, local demonstration sites and useful web links to organizations, parks, government agencies and landscaping/gardening information.

Maryland Home and Garden Landscape Problem Solver

Beginner’s Guide to Gardening and Landscaping (DIY)

Great Gardening Information

Ashley, 5th Grader in Kingston, NY sent this website about a Kid’s Guide to Planting A Flower Garden

Hudson, a very internet savvy little girl, found this great website and wanted to share it with our Garden Club.  Lots of great ideas for Kids and Gardening.

Creating the Best At-Home Composting System

Composting and Mulching With Coffee Grounds

II. Weeds

Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide

Lawn Weed Identification

Common Weeds Found In Lawns and Gardens

Information On Organic Herbicides


III. Garden Insects and Pests

Pleasant smelling deer repellent manufactured by Messinas (“Deer Stopper”). Recommended by our members to keep deer away from your valuable plants for 30 days per spray application.

 Virginia Tech insect identification lab

Monarch butterflies: education, conservation, setting up a way-station

A tribute to the monarch butterfly: How to turn your backyard into a butterfly sanctuary
How to Turn Your Backyard Into a Butterfly Sanctuary

Pest Management Guide – Virginia Tech:  Treatments to eliminate and/or control insects and diseases of fruit, vegetables, ornamentals, lawns, yards

Bug of the Week: Want to know if stink bugs have any predators or if a black and yellow garden spider bite is poisonous? Michael J. Raupp, Ph.D., Professor of Entomology and Extension Specialist with the University of Maryland has the answers.

IV. Trees – Shrubs- Groundcovers

Lawn care.

Find a certified arborist.

Great resource for identifying  plants and  their growing conditions
Go to pull down menu Gardens and Gardening and click on Plant Finder for useful information on identifying and growing plants.

This Rutgers University website lists many common deer resistant garden trees, perennials and shrubs sand rates them on a scale of A through D – rarely damaged to frequently severely damaged.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has an online catalog of flora with origins in North America. Search for plants that thrive in our area, find flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees to fit your specifications, and more.

U.S. National Arboretum

Information of Growing Roses

All About Hydrangeas

Plant Trees at Home for the Planet
(With thanks to a member of their local horticulture society  in Colorado)

All About Roses

The Potomac Rose Society (PRS)

American Rose Society

Growing Roses in Virginia

Selecting and Caring for Roses

Gardening in the Heart of Virginia

Expert Rose Advice for Richmond

Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Rose Diseases

Rose: A Brief History

A Quick Guide to Pruning Roses

V. Perennials – Annuals – Bulbs – Groundcovers

Perennials 101

Information on Planting  and Growing Bulbs

Planting and Caring for Bulbs

VI. Native Plants

Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora

Why Plant Northern Virginia Native Plants?

Native plants for Great Falls Virginia Environmental Conditions

Audubon Society native plants database (searchable by zip code):

Bringing Nature Home: includes information on the number of butterflies and moths supported by each plant

Virginia Native Plants Society

Virginia Wildflowers

Guide to Northern Virginia native plants from Virginia Native Plant Society

Native plants for Northern Virginia—FINAL

Native Plant Descriptions from the VNPS Potomac Chapter

Dr. Tallamy’s and other’s research on native plant cultivars as host plants

Vll. Floral Design (Use search function – e.g., “Floral Design”) (Use search function to find appropriate
subject matter)

VIII. Conditioning Cut Flowers and Plants

IX. Gardening in the Age of Climate Change

Successful and Sustainable Gardening in a Changing Climate Dr. Sara Via (, Professor and Climate Extension Specialist was our presenter in October 2020.

Broadly trained in ecology and genetics, Dr. Via became concerned about climate change during 20 years of teaching Introductory Biology, in which she lectured every year about human impacts on ecosystems. By 2014, the gravity of the climate problem was so clear that she decided to become more actively involved, and she now teaches Marylanders about climate change impacts and solutions through the University of Maryland Extension.

Climate change  presentation slides by Dr. Via from the October 2020 Garden Club meeting.

X. Landscaping

XI. Miscellaneous

Native plants for Northern Virginia—FINAL

Native Plant Descriptions from the VNPS Potomac Chapter

Exploring the Effects of Leaf Litter Removal on Insect Communities- video

Dr. Tallamy’s and other’s research on native plant cultivars as host plants

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